Targum Onqelos (Onkelos)

Targum Onqelos is the official eastern translation of the Torah in Aramaic. This particular Targum is read in synagogues after the reading of the Hebrew text. There is an ancient tradition in Orthodox Judaism where the Hebrew Torah portion is read twice weekly - and once from the Aramaic Targum. Targum Onqelos is almost always published with the Chumash (a printed edition of the Torah containing the Five Books of Moses along with commentaries and additional materials to facilitate personal study.)

While the text of Targum Onqelos is not identical to the Aramaic Peshitta Tanakh, it is worthy of examination of study because it can assist in giving a background to the original Hebrew text of the Torah (Aurayta).

The following files are in PDF and in the English language. They are intended for personal weekly study of the Scriptures. Feel free to print the files from your computer, but please be mindful that the documents contain the Holy Name of God and should not be thrown in the trash or put in an unclean place.

Sipra d'Berita (Genesis)

Sipra d'Mapkana (Exodus)

Version Bibliotheca Aramaica


Being a Revised Edition of J. W. Etheridge's
The Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch

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